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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Answer Some Questions

As I have no talent for writing I usually  post pictures  with a title, except of course about the wonderful dogs and cats that share our lives.  Then I could write forever and bore everyone to death, especially since my ability to write is "I have a dog. His name is Spot."
 The pictures you see daily are either taken at our home outside of Tucson in the desert and I do mean desert, but the photos of the the plants that are in decorative rock and those taken at the pond, are taken at my office complex in town.
I can relate to those of you "back east" and elsewhere, when I moved to Arizona I was used  to grass lawns and had never seen decorative rock used in yards.  Of course, in the desert water is not  plentiful so using colored rock and native plants for landscaping is encouraged.
The pictures of the snow on the cactus, the mountains in the distance,  are taken from home.  We have sand and cactus everywhere and a constant wind blowing.  It's not for everyone, but I love it.  The night sky with its' million stars is magnificent.  Although we do have desert critters to deal with at times, we can go to sleep with the songs of the coyotes.  We do have roses, some beautiful pink flowers ( I have no idea what they are called) and of course,  the cactus flowers come in all colors.
 I would like to thank all of you for visiting my blog and special thanks to Desiree from Driftwood Ramblings, she can be found at  http://driftwoodramblings.blogspot.com/.  She knows more about plants than I will know in a lifetime and her blogspot is AMAZING!  Check it out. Concerning the most recent picture, I will ask the landscapers at my workplace about it .  I am sure they will know.
For those of you that live elsewhere and would like to see more pictures of  the area where I live, please let me know and I will take more photos of what interests you. I can do that  I am just not a writer as you can see. :0)
Thank you all again for visiting. you are very special to me. Have a wonderful day!


Elizabeth said...

Cherie, you are gifted with an eye for beauty in nature, for sure. Thanks for the lovely photos; I'm back East and do appreciate getting to see the diverse landscape of the desert.
Also, you are far from a "bad" writer. Those who are truly "bad" writers, usually have no idea that they are. :)

uglydog75 said...

Your piece of the world is breathtakingly beautiful and I am so glad I get to see a little of it through your camera lens...

Manzanita said...

Dear Cherie,
Perhaps you don't like writing but you're a great writer. You write like you would speak and that makes for the most interesting reading. In my opinion, the most boring writing is someone who is "trying" to write.
So speak to us..... :)
Love and Peace

BZ Training said...

I love your pictures! Do you ever see blooms on your cactus?

Mariodacat said...

Oh - I love visiting your bloggy. The pictures are awesone and breathtaking. Now bout your writing skills - you do a fine job. A lot of us aren't very talented with creative writig, but I've enjoyed yours and you are better den you think you are.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

you can't write? Where did you EVER get that idea? Of course you can...you just did...and BEAUTIFULLY!

We love your photos...I love seeing photos of your area because it is so different from Michigan. I love seeing plants that I have never seen, etc.....our world is a beautiful place, thanks for sharing it!

ForPetsSake said...

I love your pictures! I've never been out west that far and seeing something new and unfamiliar is exciting. Being surprised by your pics is a daily occurrence for me - I never thought there's be so much beauty in that stark landscape!

24 Paws of Love said...

Thanks for answering our questions, and by the way your writing is fine. Your photos are fantanstic! I just love them. So brillant and crisp. This one is a real gem.

Desiree said...

Oh, Cerie!!! You are FAR TOO FLATTERING, I'm afraid! I really know very little about plants - I only know the common names of the species I am able to identify!!! There are SO MANY INCREDIBLY knowledgable gardeners out there, I need to hang my head in shame...but THANK YOU so much for the generous and lovely THUMBS UP!!!

I am truly dumbfounded right now about your professing NOT to be able to WRITE!!! Cherie, you've WRITTEN HERE! And it's marvellous! What do you think is wrong with it? It's well expressed, clear, concise, easy to read. Absolutely perfect!!! Please keep it up now, will you???


Des xo