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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cactus Flower


Mariodacat said...


magda said...

You are wonterful photographer !!!!
Beautiful flower !!!
Have a Happy Easter

Admiral Hestorb said...

I see we have a lot in common. Those are the picture types I love too. Mine are mostly on Flickr but some are in my personal blog. My cat has a blog but the other kitties have requested only her pics. :-)

George the Lad said...

Thanks you for your visit and kind comment, but just look at your photo!! catching a bee on it to, is not easy. Great photo
Have a good week
George and Jan xxx

The Retired One said...

Beautiful and you caught a bug too!

sagechronicles said...

I know that bee was enjoying the nectar!

Desiree said...

I missed this yesterday. With our new puppy to train, my time is no longer my own.

Your photography just gets better and better!!! You are exceedingly talented!!!

BZ Training said...


ForPetsSake said...

Isn't it amazing that something so prickly and foreboding can have such lovely blooms? Great pic :)