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Wednesday, April 13, 2011



Angela Häring-Christen said...

Nice photos of the roses.
We have to wait until the roses blooms, it's to cold.
Warm regards

Cyndie said...

rain is coming our way for the next 4 days or so.....and we don't have any roses yet to make it somewhat bearable! living in zone 5 can be a bummer.....do enjoy your beautiful pics though......living vicariously at this point!

Jess the Dog Shopper said...

These are all so pretty! They remind me of the trips to visit my great uncle and his rose garden...he'd always save the best ones so I could take them home with me! Spring seems to be well and truly settled in at the Acre of Misfits!

magda said...

Oooo, great photo !!!

Wyatt said...

You know what they say about April showers :)


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

is that the same flower as yesterday?

BZ Training said...

Oh no! Hopefully they will perk up when dry. :)

Elena said...

Beautiful, with excellent contrast!

ForPetsSake said...

Beautiful - they look like they're enjoying that shower :)