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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Yellow Brick Road

Of course the path we are travelling will not always be smooth but it is an adventure! :0)

Daniel was released from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon following our lesson on  I V feeding through a "J" tube in his abdomen.  We were told he would have to be hooked up to this 24/7 for a couple of months.There is a back pack provided to carry the food and little computer that measures out the amount he receives. This allows him access to the outside world. The formula would be his main nourishment  while introducing clear liquids then over time graduating to solid foods. In the hospital he had already started on gelatin and broth with no problems.
The next morning when we went to add another bag of formula to the IV but it seemed that the J tube was blocked and off we went to ER. Fortunately Daniel's records were still in the system as he released the night before, and he was seen right away. The ER doctor then contacted  the surgical team that cared for Daniel. One of his doctors came down and was able to clear the tube.  They gave us  a list of the next level of foods to try since he seemed to be handling the clear liquid without problems.  We were told that if the IV blocked up again, just discontinue it and continue with the foods recommended.  If he was able to tolerate the foods introduced at this level, the IV could become a supplement not the main source of nourishment. Thank God!
So far he is now eating strained soups, a meal substitute(Shakeology), and Jello.  Today we will add Ensure to his diet.  So far, so good. When I arrived home yesterday  from work,we walked around our acre and although still a little weak, Daniel is doing great!
Next week Daniel has a follow up visit with the surgeon and then we look forward to the staples being removed from his abdomen and back incision sites.
That is it for now my friends. Our hopes are high and we look forward to continuing down the road to recovery.
Keep smiling and have a beautiful weekend.

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