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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holiday Season 2017

It's been a very long time  since I posted and so much has happened since Daniel passed away last July.
 To begin in February of this year I put our house on the market so that I could move "back east" closer to my family.  It was a shock  that the house was only on the market for 2 weeks and an offer was made for the asking price.  I thought I would have at least a year from the time it was on the market to get through grieving and decide what I was going to do with the rest of my life...but life never seems to work out as planned. 

After that I started looking for  a home  in New York via the net  as well as moving arrangements,  not only household goods but my five dogs and three cats.
To make a long story short my kids helped  me with finding a new home in their area and I  found a moving company for my stuff and a pet livery company for my pets.'

My youngest son flew out to drive Daniels Jeep back east, and right after the pets were picked up the next morning, we were on the road.  I love road trips and it was fantastic.  We have such a beautiful country.  We left on  Thursday and arrive Saturday morning.

Three days after arriving here the pets arrived and they were  very travel weary. They were suspicious of the new smells and all the greenery.  It took them quite a while to adjust but in November they decided  they belonged here  and  our back yard is their playground. Thank God.

Our house is located in the Catskill Mountains and it feels good to be back home.  It just so happens that the pastor of my church here, was the assistant pastor at the church  in NY when I left 17 yrs. ago.  I really like the parish here.
I think I finally can say I'm 90% settled in and am beginning to feel like a New York resident.
I loved my life with Daniel in Three Points but am beginning to accept the fact that I need to move forward and I am only at the beginning of flying solo.
Grief is not something that people can relate to unless they have experienced it and we each handle it differently. I do know that Daniel will never be replaced by someone else but I need to look forward to each new day God has given me. God and Daniel are right here with me I just cant see them. :0) For that I am thankful and hope to keep taking time to appreciate all of Gods gifts

This past week I enjoyed the first snowfall of the season and have decorated this year for Christmas.
I wish all of you a blessed Holiday Season filld with love and beautiful memories to treasure.


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